Sunday, February 25, 2018

Weekly Log: February 19 to 25

With New Englands two weeks away instead of one, this week is pretty much focused on training. Two workouts, Wednesday and Saturday with the rest being easy/recovery days. My sole goal moving forward is to break 2 minutes in the 800. I know 2:03 doesn't translate to sub-2, even with the two weeks of training and moving from a slow flat track to a fast banked track (Reggie Lewis Center), but I remain hopeful and motivated to get this. I'm pretty confident that I can get close and I think I just need to work on the second half.

Monday: 4 Miles

Ran with Sam from the Y. Pretty steady high 6 pace. I felt a little tired from lack of sleep and just wasn't feeling it. Ended up slipping and falling on ice in the Y parking lot on the way back (and am still feeling it a week later).

Tuesday: 4 Miles

Another run with Sam, this time in Ninigret. Unlike yesterday's slog, this was both enjoyable and smooth. I always love running in Nnigret and this was no exception. Ran a steady 6:30 and picked it up to a 5:57 the last mile.

Wednesday: 4 Miles

Track workout. Had 3x400 with slightly varying pace (60/58/all-out) with 3 minutes rest in between. I knew this would be pretty tough, especially the third one. Went out in a 60 feeling pretty smooth. The 58 was a little tiring but didn't feel too bad. My coach wanted me to hit a 58 final 400 but I was just dead and I ran 61 which was a little disappointing. After a long break, I had 4x200 at 30s w/60s recovery but I was absolutely dead and struggling and only did 2. Difficulty: 4/5.

Thursday: 6 Miles

Finally got to do a longer run. Off-practice days I get to run 6 miles now which felt so nice. Ran a pretty steady 6:30 pace which felt pretty comfortable except on some hills where I was a little heavy. Finished up in 5:58. Really enjoy and feel good on these faster runs and will likely do these in outdoor. Started at Avondale and looped around Watch Hill.

Friday: 5 Miles

A mediocre loop in pretty terrible weather. Didn't feel that great either. Was surprised to still maintain a sub-6:30 pace anyways.

Saturday: 4 Miles

A pretty similar workout to the one we did before States. We started with an all-out 600, but the interesting part was that our top sprinter, Ryan (50s 400 PR), would be racing us. I was feeling sluggish before, but it didn't impact me during the race. I took it out hard and usual and really pushed the second 200. Ryan caught me there (at the 400) and easily accelerated away. Sam passed me with 150 to go and I was able to stay right on him but couldn't get around. I felt people coming for me in the last 100, but was able to stay in 3rd. Ryan ran 1:24, Sam and I ran 1:26, John Walker ran 1:27 and Jon Turano ran 1:28. I was pretty satisfied with this and it was much better than last time. I would have liked to beat Sam, but was happy with the PR. Apparently I went through the 400 in 54/55 which is ridiculous considering my PR is 55 and I've run consistent 57s in out all-out 400s.

I didn't have a lot of recovery after that and had 5x200 w/60s recovery at 29s. These were a real struggle as I was pretty tired and I was falling off slightly at the end. Difficulty: 4/5

Sunday: 0. First day off in a while.

Weekly Total: 27 Miles
YTD Total: 237 Miles

Weekly Highlight: Running a 1:26 600 was pretty nice. Also most of the runs were pretty solid.
Weekly Lowlight: I felt like I struggled in the workout more than usual and this didn't feel good.

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